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About Significant 1

Significant 1 is the premier matchmaking boutique, focused on introducing Clients to beautiful and elite Dream Partners in Canada and the US. Our elite matchmaking service is about pairing professional singles based on the following criteria: emotional and physical connections, financial habits, intellectuality, and life goals + values. Above all, we focus on your personality to find you ‘The One’, with whom you can build a long-lasting relationship that’s both healthy and happy.

Significant 1 uses a unique matchmaking service to match professional singles with highly compatible life partners. Therefore, we carefully evaluate and screen our Clients and Dream Partners. Integrity and confidence are two of the most serious differences between Significant 1 and online dating sites. We guarantee that you will feel confident about the compatibility, motives, and reliability of the potential Dream Partners suggested by our matchmaking service.

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    Call Or Text Us: 1-604-720-9909

    Our Core Values

    core values of significant1 matchmaking company

    Significant 1’s purpose is to create more happy and harmonized couples in the world by introducing clients to highly compatible life partners.

    Our code of conduct is guided by five core values:

    Care: We treat you with the utmost respect and dignity

    Unrelenting: We do not give up until you are satisfied

    Planning: We plan every step for your best experience

    Integrity: We say what we do, and we do what we say

    Discretion: We take care of your privacy and safety

    About Our Founder

    Meet Nadia Casanova, founder & professional matchmaker. You will notice immediately her knack of pairing perfectly compatible men & women together.

    In 2005, she moved to Canada from Tashkent (Uzbekistan) and continued her professional career in Supply Chain where she worked with many people of various backgrounds.

    Using her experience and intuition, Nadia helped people make genuine connections forming highly compatible and happy relationships.

    Later, some couples built their own families. This is definitely considered a privilege amidst the current trend of hook-up culture.

    The Beginning Of A New Passion

    Additionally, Nadia is well known in the event planning industry. Since 2008, she has planned and coordinated over 120 events in Canada and the US.

    Nadia’s interest in matchmaking came with her passion for learning about different cultures, history, sociology, and psychology. She loves reading about philosophy and speaks 5 languages.

    The Matchmaking Expert

    After seeing many people fooled by fake online dating accounts, Nadia’s mission became to help people meet real matches and create lasting love.

    Thus, her matchmaking service helps to avoid the loss of faith, broken hearts, or broken bank accounts (which can easily happen on online dating sites).

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    With our unique screening process, you don’t have to waste time online.

    First, we learn about you, your desires, interests, and dealbreakers. Next, we introduce your perfect Dream Partner. Finally, the Client and Dream Partner agree to meet. Significant 1 is happy to arrange your first date.

    Number 1

    Your information is never shared without your permission. Everything is strictly confidential and offline.

    Number 1

    Every Client and Dream Partner is thoroughly screened. We handpick each match and always confirm personal details on the profile.

    Number 1

    Our goal is to find your perfect partner and also for the long term. After all, we don’t want any “returned” Clients; we want to make you a satisfied client that ends up in a relationship that lasts a lifetime.