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Becoming A Dream Partner

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At Significant 1 (S1), we give the complimentary option ($0) of becoming a Dream Partner for an attractive, highly intelligent, university/college educated, active, and healthy person. A Dream Partner is a single (divorced, widowed, never married) woman or man who is interested in building a long-term relationship with a successful, busy professional (doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc.), executive, entrepreneur, or celebrity, whom S1 identifies as a Client.

A benefit to becoming a Dream Partner is that you will get a free membership. Furthermore, S1 will set up a strictly confidential profile for you. S1 matchmaker will get your profile pictures and discuss your hobbies, deal-breakers, and more. An S1 will always get your approval first before sharing your profile and photos with an interested Client.

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How S1 Helps You Find Love

significant1 helps you find love

Once your profile as a Dream Partners is loaded onto our database, S1 will reach out to you on behalf of Clients who you may be a match with. After the first introduction has been made, it is up to you to determine if you would like to proceed with the first date or decline the candidate.

Following the first date, the Dream Partners will speak with S1 about whether they felt any chemistry and if they feel there is potential for a long-term relationship. From there, your S1 matchmaker will speak with the Client to confirm if they also felt the spark.

Pairing a Client with a Dream Partner

Number 1

Application Form Submission

Number 1

Introduction with S1

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Profile Set-Up
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Review & consideration of interested Client

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Dating with Client
Number 1

Feedback to S1 after Dating with Client

Once Feedback Is Complete

Once the feedback portion is completed and if both parties express a mutual interest in continuing to date, then both profiles will be listed as ‘on hold.’

During this time, neither the Client nor the Dream Partner will be introduced to other candidates.

When it becomes clear that we’ve had another successful matching, both profiles will be removed entirely from S1’s internal database.

Because Significant 1 is hired for our Signature Matchmaking Service of Heart Hunting by Clients, Dream Partners are only contacted once interest is developed. S1 considers this to be a strategic and convenient way for Dream Partners to review all interested parties. After reviewing candidates, they will choose whether to meet with an attractive candidate or wait until next time.

At the end of the day, it is up to you who you want to meet. However, once you choose to meet a Client, you are committing to the agreed-upon date and time.

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Your Privacy & Security Are Important

significant1: privacy & security

Even if you are not a paid member with Significant 1, we still care about your concerns. We will try to mitigate uncomfortable situations or anything else you may experience when dating or communicating with a Clients.

S1 is equally strict when it comes to private information on the personal profiles of Dream Partners and Clients. If you meet someone special and decide to cancel your S1 membership – let us know immediately. Your profile will be deleted within 48 hours.

For added security, your profile will be saved outside of the website in a separate database system. It will remain there until S1 finds your perfect match or if you choose to move on from our services. In both of those cases, your information will be permanently deleted from the database.

Additional Checks May Be Required

Additionally, S1 may need your permission to perform a background check, if necessary. The process is quite similar when your background report is submitted to your employer. As your Heart Hunters, we know that trust and honesty are essential when building a relationship. Starting with these core values from the onset will put you on the right path with your potential life partner.

A background check is not a requirement. Instead it is a voluntary act that should be done strictly by mutual agreement on the exchange of the reports between Client and Dream Partners.

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