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Matchmaking Formula

Our Custom Matchmaking Formula

Natural Selection by Darwin is based on intuitive a “mating choice,” which eventually drives evolutionary change. Choosing a life partner is much more complicated, than picking a a trusted business partner. Many complicated factors are often involved and need to be considered.

Even though: Love knows no age – there are different life goals for majority people, if we compare 20 years old and 45 years old person. Normally, at 20-35 years old people are often too busy with their careers or enjoying their lives travelling the world and finding themselves in different opportunities. Around 35 years old, people are (more or less) ready to create a family and will look for their best reliable life partner through that prospective. And, if we take 50+, usually people start to look mostly for a great “relaxing” relationship.  Again, every scenario is very individual and not applicable for everyone. Therefore, what criteria should be used to guarantee your right choice? When it comes to matters of the heart, there is no “one model fits all”.

Therefore, S1 has developed a unique proprietary Matchmaking Formula. This matchmaking formula is based on a combination of the Client’s preferences, scientific knowledge – using theories from Skinner, Jung, Myers Briggs, Bandura, Freud, Darwin, Carnegie, and other famous psychologists around the World.  After all, Significant 1 applies own professional experience and skills in matching couples.

Our “know-how” drives our Signature Matchmaking Service to deliver a high quality long-term relationships. With our matchmaking formula, we will identify your best compatible match, who could be your true love that lasts forever.

significant1 matchmaking formula

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Go Offline To Find Your True Love

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At Significant 1, we know that last important step is the “meeting in person”, which can validate chemistry between two people and potential “bright future” for long lasting relationship. Therefore, our services are offline, as we “hand pick” every couple in the way which no artificial intelligence (AI) can repeat. The only time we use ‘technology’ is here on our website and our social media. We want you to introduce your profile and your best candidates from certain angle, which only professional “human” can provide. You will be surprised how much more great candidates will be interested to meet you after our professional “concierge introduction”. At the same time, Significant 1 offers exclusive confidential privacy, which gives you an opportunity to choose the most attractive (in all levels) ideal candidate from the recommended list.

When you become a Client or Dream Partner (DP) with our exclusive, personalized matchmaking service – all of your data is saved separately in encrypted internal files. However, that information will be permanently deleted once Client or DP is successfully coupled with his/her significant other. We do not save or share your information with any other parties, except for your chosen Dream Partner/s – with your permission.

Therefore, if you have been unsuccessfully scrolling through many dating sites to find your true love, stop! Reach out to Significant 1 today- You finally will feel Special and feel Goosebumps & Butterflies!

Perry J

Without Significant1 I wouldn’t met someone like Larisa and definitely not met Larisa. Our 1st date was 7 hours long and when we met it’s like we know each other already. We bonded so quickly.
Now we are going to have our 4th Christmas together. She is my Queen.

Larisa G

Today, I have very happy life and I feel like a Princess. It wasn’t easy to find “the One”, but Nadia, matchmaker, introduced me to a real Gentleman, who cares about me and our future. We travel together and we live together now. We found True Love and we happy to recommend Significant1.

Troy T

I’ve been introduced to such a beautiful, loving, caring woman. What a great friend & great partner. We really have strong connection from the beginning. I think that’s what you call “True Love” or “long lasting love”. I owe Significant1 a lot of gratitude for that.