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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is "Significant 1 " located and how I can meet/talk with "Significant 1"?

Significant 1 (S1) is located in Vancouver, B.C. (Canada) and operates in 4 Western Canadian Provinces: BC, AB, MB, SK. We are flexible with the way of communication & introduction: personal or video chat – you decide.  Reach out to us by text/call at 1-604-720-9909.

How complicated is the whole process for the Client?

Our entire process is personal and offline, thus all of the information shared is strictly confidential. Engaging to our service is a simple 3 STEP PROCESS.

GREETING – This is when we will discuss our process and contractual agreement in detail. Once an agreement between the Client and S1 is signed, then a detailed discussion and evaluation of the Client’s preferences, expectations, and options will follow. Thus, your first meeting with S1 could last up to 2 hours.

INTRODUCTION – After the initial meeting, your S1 matchmaker will hand-pick the most compatible candidates. Your matchmaker will present their profiles to you as a potential list of Dream Partners. From there, the Client will identify the top candidates from the list. Those candidates will be contacted by Significant 1 for their review and approval to begin the next step of our process.

DATING – S1 will set up a dating/meeting plan as per the Client’s preferences. The dating plan can include a dinner reservation, booking tickets to an event, and transportation for both parties. Additionally, we can coach you or provide behavioral and psychological advice, and suggest your dress styles. For an extra fee, our expert in style & fashion would help you to look amazing for your first date. The Client will only need to make sure he/she is at the pre-arranged destination on time. After the first date, both the Client and Dream Partner will share their feedback with S1. If the date is a success for both parties, then your S1 matchmaker will exchange your contact information with your Dream Partner.

Who is a "Dream Partner "?

Dream Partner is an attractive, highly intelligent, and healthy person. They are interested in building a strong relationship with another busy professional, entrepreneur, or celebrity, whom S1 identifies as a Client. Read more here.

A Dream Partner is only contacted once a Client expresses interest in meeting them. Most Dream Partners, particularly women, found this to be the most comfortable and convenient way to decide whether to accept a potential meeting. At the end of the day, the Dream Partner still makes the final decision on whether they want to accept or decline a meeting with the interested Client.

However, once a Dream Partner agrees to a meeting, the commitment to a specific time and place should follow quickly. Our members don’t want to waste time with online dating sites or other dating methods, both parties need to be on the same page.

How long does it take for S1 to find highly compatible matches ?

With an extended S1 Database of Dream Partners, you can typically expect your assigned matchmaker to reach out within 2-3 weeks with a list of potential candidates. The length of time is highly dependant on personal preferences and the availability of Dream Partners.

Can a Client customize his/her package by adding or removing some services?

Yes, you can add or remove some services. When you work with our professional matchmaking team, we can customize your contract as per your requirements. All contracts represent the mutual agreement between the Client and S1. We want every Client to get the most out of our services. We are only content when we know you are satisfied, and once you have found a successful long-term relationship.

At Significan 1, we have created four custom packages to meet a range of Client interests and expectations. We invite you to [view our packages] – Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby & Diamond – and contact us with any questions you may have.

How is Significant 1 different from other matchmaking companies?

At Significant 1, we provide a personalized matchmaking service created specifically for busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and other highly occupied and/or high-profile people. When life is busy, it can be tough to meet the person who has the same passions and desires as you. Online dating services are typically focused on helping you find dates but weren’t created to help you find a serious long lasting relationship. Their business model is striving for the repeat clients and they offer you to renew your membership as more candidates join their sites. And guess what people do, as “grass is always greener on the other side” – they stay longer and become a “permanent” looking around client.

S1 doesn’t want you to become a repeat client. We are stratigic in matching you with a highly competible candidate. Our relationship experts are here to help you build a serious, long-term relationship with the woman or man of your dreams.

S1 will make your dream a reality, using a S1 Love Formula. Our unique strategic formula takes a researched, knowledgeable, and scientific approach to matchmaking. One that cannot be found with any other matchmaking agency or online dating website. It involves the following practices:

Number 1

Strict Confidentiality for both our Clients and Dream Partners. S1 has a special system in place to protect your information. Additionally, every S1 matchmaker is required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Your information will not be available on any website or shared with anyone unless it’s approved by the Client and Dream Partner.

Number 1

Identity verification. When bringing on a new Client or Dream Partner, we perform a check of all personal ID documents and your background. This process is very similar to the hiring process in any organization when a prospective employee gives consent for her/his background to be checked. Online dating websites cannot guarantee you anything about your match, for example if that person is real and if their pictures are recent. But, when you work with S1, we get to now each person individually and  validate their identity to eliminate any potential ‘surprises’ when you meet them.

Number 1

S1 is available as trusted adviser. One example is if you have an awkward question that would be a deal-breaker for you, but you cannot directly ask the Client or Dream Partner, your matchmaker will do it for you. S1 will be able to tactfully find the opinion or response of your preferred mate.

Number 1

Our goal is to create happy loving couples who will  build a long-term relationship.  S1 not only guarantees a minimum number of dates with Dream Partners, but also a high probability of introducing the person you will spend your life with. The comprehensive love formula we use consist of multiple layers, including psychological, physical, mental, and spiritual. Professional matchmakers will optimise  between these layers by using various tools and statistical factors. More detailed information will be available during the first Introduction meeting.

Number 1

Being selective on your behalf. Matchmaking is a very selective and personalized service, as there are different people often have different views and preferences. Establishing mutual trust is paramount to be successful. Based on our indepth assessment of both our Clients and Dream Partners S1 will handpick & match what we believe are the most compatible partners.

What is the Holding Time/Period?

When S1 has found you a great match and when the Client feels like “She or He is the One,” you can request a holding period. Other words, you can choose to hold off from meeting with other candidates,  to explore whether the butterflies and goosebumps effect lasts. The holding period is a minimum of 2 months up to a maximum of 6 months, depending on the package you choose.

How safe is it to leave my pictures and personal Information with S1 Matchmaker?

With Significant 1, your privacy and confidentiality are on the same level of importance as your personal safety. These areas are of utmost importance to all of our professional matchmakers. All Client and Dream Partners’ personal information, including pictures, are saved in a secure database outside of the website.

Your information is collected on a platform that has strong protections against spam and virus attacks. In addition to multiple safety features, all names are encoded for your added protection and privacy.

What is the Refund Policy?

We do offer a full refund within the first seven (7) calendar days after agreement has been signed only if:
The Client has found someone outside of S1 agreement and rushes to cancel the contract before we provide a list of most qualified/ compatible matches.

If S1 has already provided a list of Dream Partner candidates before the seven (7) calendar days are up after signing the contract, you will receive a 50% refund.
The refund process may take 30 calendar days.