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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for people who just met

If this is your first Christmas not being single? Or maybe, you are new in this relationship and still getting to know each other. Whether you are not quite sure what to get for your date as a gift, stress no more! Significant 1” Intl Matchmaking Boutique took the time to analyze the best 10 Christmas gifts for HER and HIM, so you are welcome to use our ideas.

For Her

1) Weighted Blanket 

This is perfect for someone who easily gets cold. And one blanket doesn’t solve the trick. This gift will improve her sleep. A weighted blanket is intended to comfort a person when they are sleeping. 

2) Customized photo with you and her plus her favorite song 

This gift is a cute idea and you will make her appreciate this gift since it will show her you know.

3) Sleep Mask

A luxurious silk sleep mask will ensure she doesn’t miss out on any shut-eye because of bright lights. Plus, the silk fabric is gentle on the delicate eye area and less likely to absorb skincare products (so those expensive serums stay on her face). 

4) Bath Bomb Set

People often think of giving bath bombs as a gift to encourage relaxation and self-care, but not everyone has the time to take a bath. Shower steamers are a similar concept, but much more versatile. With this gift set, she can turn an everyday shower into a spa-like experience.

5) Electronic Book

If she loves to read and doesn’t already have a Kindle, then this is one of the best gifts you can buy. Compact and lightweight, the Kindle Paperwhite is perfect for on-the-go reading, whether she’s traveling or commuting. This newer version features a glare-free display, adjustable brightness, and long-lasting battery life so she can read whatever she wants to her heart’s content.

6) Wallet/Bag

If she has a taste for fashion and style, the best gift idea for her without breaking your bank account would be a fashionable bag or wallet that she can always think of you while looking put together whenever she leaves the house. 

7) Coffee and chocolates

If she is someone who has to have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning this will be a perfect gift for her to enjoy every morning while thinking of you.

8) Makeup Set/ Perfume 

If she is someone who enjoys doing makeup and getting ready for, this gift she will love and use it daily. While smelling like your favorite fragrance.  

9) Candles and Self-care Set

If you barely know what she likes and are still getting to know her and it is Christmas time don’t fear! Giving her a self-care package such as facemasks, body care, and candles to set the mood when she is having her self-spa day. 

10) A phone case with pictures of both of you with some flowers.

This is such a romantic and thoughtful gift idea that will definitely leave her smiling and always having you on her mind and having her think you are always with her.

For Him

1) A Watch 

If he is someone who is always running and has a busy lifestyle, this gift is the best since he will always know what time it is and won’t be rushing.

2) A shaving Box 

It happens that sometimes many guys like shaving at home. So this can be a perfect gift item for him.

3) Wallet or Purse 

Every guy likes to have a wallet according to his interests. So you can offer him a perfect wallet that should be fashionable.

4) Phone Case Cover 

Stylish smartphone covers are the best gift that can be offered to your loved one. A mobile cover protects your boyfriend’s phone; it can even be a phone case with pictures of both of you.

5) Charging Power Bank

If your boyfriend likes traveling then it will be a needy gift for him. While traveling it is the best gift.

6) Sun Glasses or Goggles 

Yes, every guy likes to wear fashionable goggles, and they will be perfect protection for his eyes. So you can also offer this item to him.

7) Night Beer-Making Kit 

This is a modern gift for guys. Modern guys like to make beer with their hands, so if he is also interested in this item then it will be the best because this item has everything he needs to get started.

8) Sweetie Chocolate Bar 

Chocolate is the most favorable product for both girls and guys. There are many kits available in the market and you can choose according to them.

9) Best Smoker 

Smoking and Guys are a perfect pair. So if he has an interest in smoking then it will also be perfect. That will allow him to smoke meat at home and get delicious flavors.

10) BBQ Grill

If your boyfriend likes to grill then it will be the perfect item for him. It will allow him to grill year-round, regardless of the weather.