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A Few Tips For A Successful First Date

tips for successful first date

A successful first date is a good start to a long lasting relationship. How close you get after this evening depends on many factors. Appearance, manners, communication skills of partners, suitable atmosphere, etc., every little thing matters.

Tips on the first date

How to make a good impression without looking narcissistic? What to talk about and what to count on so as not to get very upset? There is some simple advice for a first date that is best to stick to.

We will look at how a first date should go and what mistakes should be avoided to please your partner.

If you want to make a good impression and be remembered by your partner, you should follow these tips. Moreover, you need to prepare especially carefully for the first date and think over every detail.

Choose a place where you both feel comfortable

The initiative in organizing a date traditionally belongs to a man. He should invite a lady to a meeting and carefully think about where it is better to go and what to do on the first date. The atmosphere on a date is essential, so choose the right place and time. One of the best pieces of advice for a first date is dinner in a restaurant or cafe, where it is not too noisy, and nothing interferes with full-fledged communication. But if both of you are open to extraordinary scenarios, nothing prevents going for a walk in the park together.

Moreover, boat trips on the river or lake, joint visits to cultural events, going to a party, or visiting mutual friends are great. The choice of how to conduct the first date depends on the nature and preferences of the partners. It’s best to stick with traditional options at the first meeting.

Wherever you agree to meet, don’t be late

don't be late on first date

It would seem like an obvious tip, but being late is still one of the three main mistakes on the first date. There can be a thousand different reasons for being late, from wanting to postpone an exciting event to the brain’s ability to underestimate a familiar route.

Although it is believed that those who like to be late are more creative and optimistic people, this explanation is unlikely to help you. Being late is perceived not only as a sign of insecurity but also as a sign of disrespect. Good advice from time management experts is never to plan to be on time. Set yourself a goal to arrive 15 minutes in advance and figure out what to do if you have to wait.

Turn off the sound on your mobile, or instead do not reach it at all

Digital etiquette is new (calling or texting? mail or messenger?), but there is nothing worse than notifications that distract both of you during a date. Most people consider it bad form to answer calls and messages during a date, and it is best to have the other person put their smartphone face down.

Besides, if your screen is broken, then most women believe that this badly characterizes a man. Well, it’s a completely absurd fact that Android users are prejudiced towards the owners of iPhones and vice versa.

Good advice for a first date is not to be distracted by your mobile phone and not chat with anyone during a conversation with a partner.

What to talk about?

what to talk about on first date

Tips about how communication on the first date should be structured worries many. Sometimes partners just don’t know what topics of conversation are appropriate, and the date is stressful. We recommend that you think about the questions you want to ask when meeting in advance to avoid this. They should be neutral, allowing for exciting dialogue during the date. So what can you talk about?

Here are some interesting topics that apply to just about any date:

  • Travels.
  • Pets.
  • Funny stories and memories from childhood.
  • Hobbies and hobbies.
  • Culinary preferences.

We strongly advise avoiding religious and political views and past relationships, but talking about the weather is considered trivial. Usually, the woman on the first date prefers to listen, so the man will have to talk more. Think in advance about what interesting things you could tell about yourself, what you are proud of.

Another piece of advice for a first date is how to listen to your interlocutor. The point is not that a person cannot be interrupted; this is an elementary culture of behavior. Many people tend to tell as much about themselves as possible, literally not letting the interlocutor open their mouths. Five minutes have passed, and your partner already knows everything about you. Talkativeness is good, but excessive talkativeness is terrible. Many people value listening skills. And if you also show interest in words, your partner’s attention is guaranteed. So listen to each other, be polite and be attentive to what you are told. This will help form an opinion about your potential partner.

How should you dress?

How should you dress on first date

Even the most pleasant, intelligent, and cheerful person can make a wrong impression if his appearance is sloppy and does not fit the occasion. When deciding what to wear, you should remember that a defiant outfit and bright makeup scare off most men. Good advice for a first date would be to dress in a stylish but modest way. It is better to choose clothes that emphasize your dignity, leaving room for imagination.

The main mistakes of men boil down to that they do not pay enough attention to trifles. Guys think more about how to date while forgetting about their appearance correctly. When planning a date, remember that girls will immediately notice a stale shirt, and this can nullify all your efforts and compliments.

The financial side of the issue

It will be best if the girl informs the man in advance that she is not ready to accept expensive gifts from him and take on any responsibility because of this. Even if this does not happen, a man should not start a relationship with too expensive or obliging gifts.

It is enough to present a beautiful but not too chic bouquet or even limit yourself to one lovely rose on the first date. This is just a gesture of gratitude and admiration for female beauty, nothing more. Any woman can easily accept it, without feeling that he wants to buy her. When it comes to paying for dinner, the best advice for a first date would be to agree in advance.

What to do after the first date?

what to do after the first date

Do not rush to call him and even more so to demand an invitation to a new date; let the man think and evaluate you from all sides. Just write him a message thanking him for a wonderful evening, and that’s it. If a man likes you, then a continuation is definitely waiting for you, and soon you will receive an invitation to a new meeting. If they don’t call you back, then this is simply not your man. But gentlemen are advised not to hesitate too much if the lady is very close to her heart.

Of course, a successful date does not depend only on these tips, because the concept of what it should be is different for each person. There are many more nuances that affect the choice of a potential partner. You will not make gross mistakes and will be able to realize your potential to the fullest by adhering to these rules.

And if these tips did not inspire you with confidence for a date, then we recommend you to sign up for a consultation with a matchmaker, to be sure to find true love.

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