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Tips To Prepare For The First Date For Men

tips to prepare for first date for men

Many men know that the first date with a girl they really like is a real challenge. The desire to make a good impression makes you nervous, as a result, the effect is precisely the opposite. But if you approach the organization of a date as an ordinary, albeit an important event, many mistakes can be avoided.

Here is some dating advice for men from our Matchmaking company to easily win the heart of a woman you like.

Preparing for the first date

The best date is improvisation. You shouldn’t think long about how best to invite the young lady to take a walk. Women love when they are paid attention and compliments. If you like a woman and want to ask her out on a date, then don’t miss your chance. Be direct about your desire. The main thing is not words but emotions. Sincerity disarms and calls a similar reaction, and this is already an excellent start for communication. Having received the consent of the lady, proceed with the preparation. The first date should be memorable, but don’t overdo it. Many women would prefer a simple date during which she can get to know you.

Collect information about the woman

It is rather difficult to please a woman without knowing anything about her. Therefore, good dating advice for men is to do some preliminary preparation. You can find out the necessary information about the girl from mutual acquaintances if there are such people in your environment. Friends will be happy to talk about what the girl is fond of and how she prefers to spend her free time.

Girls are sometimes shy, so you can mess with their networks. But if you want to have a special evening, it’s best to ask her directly what she likes.

Plan a date

plan a date

Most girls expect romantic impressions from the meeting, not a delicious dinner or an expensive gift. Therefore, do not seek to spend your last savings on the organization. A useful dating tip for men is to organize a simple walk in the park that can be turned into a bright, memorable event by getting creative. If you are the date initiator, take the initiative into your own hands. Consider the necessary details when choosing a meeting place. You may need to pre-order the service or buy tickets for the event in advance.

It is easier for people to open up if they feel psychologically comfortable. When you first meet, you will probably want to talk to learn more about each other, avoid places that are likely to be very noisy. The walk should start from the girl’s house, no need to force her to get there alone. It is better to meet at the entrance. If you want to spend a date in a distant place, you have to take care of travel arrangements.

Good dating advice for men 

Girls prepare for a date very carefully. They select an outfit, do their hair and makeup.

The guy will also have to complete the minimum program: wash, shave, cut, clean, and iron clothes, which is a good dating tip for men. Of course, there is no clear indication of what a man should look like on a first date. Clothing must be appropriate for the occasion, and this is perhaps the only requirement.

When it comes to perfume, its scent should be unobtrusive. It is better to use eau de toilette rather than cologne.

Another dating tips for men is to buy flowers

flowers for dating

A romantic date suggests that a man should come with flowers. It is not worth buying expensive bouquets of a large size. Most likely, the girl will feel uncomfortable holding it while walking.

Preferred are compact compositions of a small number of flowers. Good dating advice for men is to buy seasonal flowers like lilies of the valley, daisies, cornflowers. Many people think that giving roses is a bad idea, as their thorns can hurt. However, these flowers look quite dignified, and the thorns can simply be removed. Select a rose of unusual color to look trite.

The best gift on a first date should be pleasant communication and positive emotions. If you like a girl for a long time, pick up a gift that suits her tastes and lifestyle. The present should be in demand because the souvenir’s purpose is to remind the young lady of you every day.

Dating tips for men on how to behave during a date

Women prefer confident men. Therefore, you need to behave accordingly.

Good dating advice for men is to be extremely polite and show that you are ready to take the initiative. A lady may be a little late; for a young man, this is unacceptable. Therefore, calculate the time in advance so that you will be in place a little earlier.

When meeting a girl, be sure to greet her politely. How to do this on the first date is up to the circumstances. If the girl is already familiar to you, you can allow a light kiss on the cheek. Otherwise, just say hello politely by calling her name.

What to talk to a girl about on a first date

what to talk to girl about on first date

Anyone is pleased to talk about themselves. You can easily steer the conversation in the right direction by asking leading questions. Of course, the girl will also want to get to know you better. So get ready to tell a little about yourself. Think ahead of time about topics to discuss on your first date. You can start a conversation with a funny story or joke; these are useful dating tips for men

What questions to ask a girl on a first date depends on many factors. If you don’t know much, it’s better to start with the necessary information, family, and hobbies. Don’t be too curious to be considered tactless.

It is undesirable to discuss a past relationship with a girl. Talking about problems will also be superfluous. You do not need to state the details of your life; it is enough to describe it in general terms for a start.

On a first date, compliments are essential. It is always pleasant for girls to hear words of praise addressed to themselves, especially since they spend a lot of effort preparing for a meeting. However, the compliment should not be trivial and vague. Instead of the banal “You look great,” it is better to say: “This hairstyle suits you.” This will let you know that you’ve noticed a change in her appearance.

Dating advice for men look after a girl

It is customary etiquette to show a woman some signs of attention.

  • Let the girl go ahead to the door, except the elevator.
  • Give a lady a hand when getting off transport. Open the door, helping her to sit down in the passenger car.
  • If you have to take off your outerwear, take the lady’s coat and place it on the hanger.

These gestures will build your reputation as a gallant gentleman and are useful dating tips for men.

Ending a date

how to end a date

You need to accompany the girl home after you have had enough communication. You should not call a taxi and send her alone. A man is obliged to take care of the safety of his companion. How to get there, decide together. You may want to extend your time with each other by walking home.

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