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Things To Talk About On A First Date?

things to talk about on first date

Creating a relaxed atmosphere on a romantic date can be challenging. What to say and how to behave?

Awkward silence, uncomfortable questions, boredom, and a first date can turn into a real disaster if two people do not feel comfortable with each other. The first meeting is critical and you want to make it the best experience of your dating life, thus we, Boutique Matchmaking Agency, could give you some ideas for your best topics of conversation for dates.

Try to relax and be yourself on the first date


relax and be yourself on the first date

The very first meeting is always intriguing and exciting, but you are not on the exam and it should be taken as relaxing as possible. Excitement is a contagious feeling transmitted to your date partner and makes it more difficult  for normal genuine communication. Feel confident and calm, set the right tone for the conversation, so another person is also comfortable communicating with you. In general, it is important to enjoy the process and the moment of the first meeting.

Choose the best date location for you. A place where you can relax and feel comfortable.It could be place which you know very well

Start with introduction and Tell about yourself

The best way to find common topics of conversation for a date and get more interest from other person is a brief introduction and some fun facts about yourself. Tell him /her something personal and specific. But don’t boast and praise yourself. Coaches recommend that girls speak no more than 30% of the time during a date. Be self-critical in moderation. Most importantly, tell the truth in case you meet again.

Ask & talk about the other person

Scientists from Harvard conducted a study that showed that people most like to talk about themselves. At this point, we have signs of activity in areas of the brain associated with motivation and assessment. The more actively we tell someone our plans, hopes, and phobias, the more we sympathize with the partner and believe that he/she reciprocates with us. Get ready to listen to the monologue of your partner. If you do not know what to talk about on a date, let the other person start first and tell you about him/her-self.

Find common topics of conversation for a date

You can show interest and ask your partner about his/her family and siblings (brothers and sisters), hobbies, favourite music, books, food preferences, pets, and favorite travel routes.

Change topics, if you find better  things to talk about on the first date. Discussing mutual love for surfing or books is one of the easiest ways to find rapport.

You can search for topics of conversation on his Facebook or Instagram page, if you get his/her full name. You still have time to look for his profile while he walks to wash his hands, even when you are already sitting at the same table in a cafe. Any TV show or beautiful city mentioned can be a topic that will melt awkward silences. Ask a question and let the other person speak. Listen and empathize, and you will leave the impression of a good conversationalist.

What is better NOT to talk about on a date?


what is better not to talk about on a date

Talking about your ex on a date isn’t the best choice, but asking about the worst or weirdest date often gives surprising answers. For example, your companion might recall a funny dating story. In general, awkward or funny incidents are good things to talk about on the first date. Try to joke and smile more. A smile always leaves a good impression on the interlocutor. But be careful with jokes based on political, religious and gender case connotations. Try to exclude these subjects from your conversation at least for the first date.

A sense of humor is essential for making a good impression. British scientists have found that humor is directly proportional to the amount of testosterone in the blood. The more the person in front of you jokes, the better your prospects for the future..

Never start a conversation with topics that make you negative and aggressive, even if you want to demonstrate your point of view, thinking that is the way to be honest and open to your “new friend”. 

Try not to joke about other people, as it may demonstrate you as a sarcastic, opinionated and/ or bullying person. 

What other topics should I avoid for a conversation on a date?

Sex. Of course, there are such dates, the hot outcome of which seems to be a foregone conclusion. But if you do not plan to get closer to a man quickly, then the topic of sex, favorite positions, and other preferences is better to bypass for a while.

Religion and politics. Your pleasant evening does not end with a heated argument; it is better not to mention these topics even in passing.

Problems. Remember that your date  should be enjoyable. Most likely, another person planned a cozy evening with a glass of wine with an interesting person that is worth meeting with. You should definitely avoid unpleasant topics when wondering what to talk about on a date. It is not worth bringing down your psychological, material, and any other problems for the conversation. Do not expect that other person will be happy to help you, for the first time people come mostly as observants and  your complaints about life can be considered differently..

Talk about childhood: it’s great things to talk about on the first date

talk about childhood on the first date

Some positive, interesting and unique facts about your childhood could be shared on your first date, but on a high level and not always in detail. 

Your favorite toys, TV shows, collections, sports and so on – it will demonstrate your background and cultural habits .

Besides, you can remember some funny things and situations and to talk about on the first date. Such topics will better reveal your nature and show the interlocutor your sincerity.


What is the right way to talk on a date?


what is the right way to talk on a date

It should be always positive and vibrant – but You don’t need to think about serious topics of conversation for a date, at least for the first date.

You may refresh some popular comedies where complex relationships may indeed be very entertaining, that would be an “ice-break” tool when  you are barely familiar with the person you date 1st time. It is best to talk about yourself in the context of your own experience, which intersects with what your partner is talking about.

Try to speak on a high level, not always to the point. When the interlocutor asks a question, he/she expects an answer to it, not a lengthy reasoning with a background, a lyrical digression, and an unexpected ending. Don’t let your  date get bored with too long a monologue.

Try to be a little bit more entertaining. That way will well contribute to the development of conversation topics for a date in several areas, but also will help to relax the tension and to build a good conversation. Don’t make the other person tense by pulling the words out of you and wondering if you always answer that way or are simply not interested in talking to them.

If you are wondering what to talk about on a date, it is essential to avoid controversy and provocative topics. The truth is born in an argument, but this is definitely not about the first date. Strong generalizations, criticism, or harsh assessments of something do not contribute to a relaxed dating environment. By criticizing a person’s opinion or views, you are more likely to offend or provoke aggression. This is clearly not what you want to achieve.

How to make a good impression?

You will have only a minute to impress if we are talking about a first date, so you need to think carefully about things to talk about. A smile and a compliment of the appearance will add points in your favor.

Psychologists also recommend the mirroring technique. If you sit in the same position as your date, most likely, it will be easier for him/her to relax in your presence.

Be yourself natural and lightness capable of charming your date.



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